At Integrated Capital Management, it is our goal to personally and comprehensively guide our clients as they transition through the accumulation, retirement, and distribution phases of wealth management.

We are a
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As a fiduciary, we have a responsibility to our clients to provide the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect their money.

The Securities and Exchange Commission laid out the five major responsibilities that a fiduciary provides its clients:

  • To put clients’ interests first
  • To act with utmost good faith
  • To provide full and fair disclosure of all material facts
  • Not to mislead clients
  • To expose all conflicts of interest to clients

These principles are clearly stated and are the foundation of the advice we provide our clients. Our advisors weave these core principles into the guidance that we provide our clients through major life events such as marriage, having children, retirement, job transition, divorce, and loss of a family member. These life events can be challenging from an emotional and financial perspective. As your shepherd through these events we will educate you on your options and work to implement the solution that provides the highest probability of success.

At Integrated Capital Management, we guide our clients through major transitions such as marriage and having children, divorce, the loss of a loved one, a job change, and retirement.

As an independent, fiduciary investment and retirement planning firm, our recommendations are entirely based on your goals and aspirations, not on us selling products, meeting quotas, or striving for incentives that don’t serve you. When you thrive, we thrive.

We take planning
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We believe that living life without a financial plan is like traveling across the United States without looking up the route on Google Maps. Can you imagine at least not knowing the direction you are traveling using your phone or GPS? While the adventure of not having a map might seem like fun to some people, we believe that most would not choose this route.

We relate this to your financial resources in life and the importance of understating your goals. Educating our clients about how to most effectively use their resources and put a financial plan in place is how we create your life map. As you travel along this life map, we continue to monitor and adjust your route to increase your success in achieving your life’s goals.

Do you have a plan?

Educate. Collaborate.
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Honesty, integrity and competence are the pillars of advice when working with our advisors. We spend a lot of our time educating our clients on all of their options when they need to make a financial decision. Our process combines the pillars of advice with our educational approach to equip our clients with the tools to be successful. Once our solutions are implemented, we proactively communicate and educate each client on the status of meeting their goals.

Our approach

We advise our clients as they traverse through the accumulation, retirement, and distribution phases of their financial lives.

Our experienced advisors develop tailored plans that serve as road maps for our clients.

We work with each client to draft a life plan, a road map of sorts, based on a deep understanding of personal goals, aspirations and resources.

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