We Use Objective Data To Make Our Investment Decisions

We start with being independent investment fiduciaries of our client’s capital. Our investment decisions are strictly made using objective data. Recommendations are made without any broker-dealer, bank, mutual fund, or investment company influence. We offer professional, unbiased advice to every client.

Investment Selection Process

Our investment committee has a structured process geared toward long term success. Our portfolios can include exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and alternative investments. Through our research and screening process, we combine asset allocation strategies with manager selection to drive our investment performance.

Continually Monitored

Our investment committee is proactive. Investment positions do not have a permanent place in our portfolios. Every month our investment committee meets and reviews all of the positions in our portfolios. Our committee has a defined process of adding, keeping, and exchanging our portfolio positions. We use this analysis as we review each account on a continuous basis, to ensure each one is positioned as we believe will meet that client’s goals. 

Our Fees

Our fee structure is designed to be easy to understand. We are happy to review our fees during an initial meeting.

Common Investment Management Questions

Are your investment portfolios active or passive? Arrow Down
We utilize both active (mutual fund based) and passive (index fund/exchange traded funds (ETFs) based) investment strategies. Our investment models include mutual funds as well as index funds for an optimal blend of performance and tax efficiency.
How often will you be making trades in my account? Arrow Down
Our investment committee meets monthly to review our client’s positions. If the committee determines that a fund or sector needs to be adjusted or replaced we have the capability to get it done that day. During a typical year, we will rebalance our client’s accounts quarterly, semi-annually, or annually depending on the investment climate.
Will I be working only with you or with a team? Arrow Down
When you hire an advisor at Integrated Capital Management you are hiring a team. We have an investment committee as well as several support staff that help in making sure our client’s accounts and all administrative requests are exceeded. However, you will have a lead advisor that is responsible for personally meeting with you and guiding you to your goals.

We work with each client to draft a life plan, a road map of sorts, based on a deep understanding of personal goals, aspirations and resources.

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